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Exciting day! We’re proud to announce that we just launched on Filmfreeway this afternoon.

We’re looking for interesting short films by women from Canada. If you know a filmmaker who has something we might like, please send her our way.

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August 21st, 2014….  I sent an email to Jennifer with an idea to bring Lunafest, a US based women’s travelling film festival, that supports breast cancer fundraising, to Ottawa in 2015.

Little did I know where this idea would take us.

On August 26th, she got back to me. She was in. Now what?

We set to planning our strategy.

We worked back and forth several months, and then had a meeting with the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation to pitch our idea earlier in early 2015. Jennifer Graves, who was our contact at the time, suggested that maybe we didn’t need to have a pre canned festival. That we could do it ourselves. We thought about it. We decided this was the way to go.

What did we have to lose? Nothing.

Then we realized this was just the beginning.

Over the next few weeks we will be presenting more of our journey together. Jennifer also has a blog, Hooter and a Half, that she updates regularly and with great honesty about her journey. You can find out all about her story there. I encourage you to read it.

This will be our space to have a conversation with you. We hope you enjoy it.


–from the desk of mizmulligan