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Hello everyone!

Thanks again for coming out to support the Vixens in our very first event. On December 9th, Jennifer and I were thrilled to present to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation a cheque in the amount of $12,000! And, we are proud to say that all the money from ticket sales went directly to the Foundation. What an accomplishment from two ladies from the Pontiac!

We have some event and highlight photos to share with you as well! Click OUR ALBUM to relive the memories!

The entire evening could not have been accomplished without the help of some special people.

Thanks go to our Chair, Dr. John Bell, our host Trisha Owens, for supporting us and making it a truly great event.

Behind the scenes thanks go to:

Our Vixens Paula Khoury, Emily Ramsay, Vivian Luk, Pam Vaillancourt, Hannah Cotton, and Adaeza Ibeh.

Our Volunteers Meta Murphy, Moreen McMahon Beale, Laura Jasmine, Andrea Marcus, Liam Kendall, Oona Liz, Ida-Mae Tracey, Brigitte Gauthier, Derek Price, Mathieu Vicks, Calean Benn, and Rhiana Chinapen. There were some helping hands from the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation as well, including Grace Moreland, who works in Community Development, and their volunteers who helped run the tables for us.

Here’s a photo of Jen and I with Grace at a special evening at the Irish Ambassador’s Home. A little Holiday thank you for the people who helped contribute to a successful year for the foundation.

Christmas Party ORCF

Thanks again everyone. Have a safe and happy start to 2016!

We look forward to seeing you next year.

Jennifer Mulligan & Jen Mielke